Stuart Little - November 9, 2009


This book made me feel kind of lonely because Stuart runs away from home and gets sad quite often. I made a connection and this is what it said "I also know how it feels." It helped me understand how hard it is to let go of your family. I learned that some story's can be sad and some can be happy. I think that this is a just right book for me because it has the right type of feeling in it.

The 3 main characters are;Stuart Little the mouse,George his brother,and Margalo the bird. Stuart is the one who runs away and George is not very happy about having a mouse as a pet and Margalo is Stuarts best friend.Stuart didn't change that much and the way George changed is that he cared more for his brother. Stuart and Margalo didn't change that much either. The way the story ended wasn't very happy because Stuart did not find Margalo and never returned to his home.If there was something I could change then it would be that he returned home and found Margalo,because I think he would he would live happily ever after.

Moral:Search for the one you like.

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  1. I like how you answered some of the questions about the story but you need to provide deeper insight and more details. You can give examples from the book to support what you are thinking and saying. It will help make your writing stronger and more understandbale.

    You did a great job with the characters. Remember we have a character traits poster in our room that can help you with some of the ideas for this section of the journal entry. Again, provide examples from the book.