Apple Island or the truth about teachers

Apple Island or the truth about teachers
by Douglas Evans

This book made me feel a bit adventures because Bradley keeps on getting nowhere but finds out new things and meets new people. I need to make a connection that is in my friends B-Day we found clues about something but never got anywhere. This book is just right for me because its got at least some pictures.

Bradley and Mrs Gross are the top 2 characters. Bradley didn't really change. Mrs Gross didn't change that much either.

The resolution of the story was that Bradley rescued everyone who was stuck there and went back home. I felt good about the resolution because the teachers had to tidy up the mess that they made. The thing that I would change is to not have Bradley just go somewhere and not get anything accomplished. The authors message was that you should always keep trying and never give up.


by Wendelin Van Draanen

This book made me feel like I should always stand up to myself if I were being bullied by a bully. I need to make a connection because once I was being bullied and I stood up for myself. I think that this is just the right book for me because it was my type.

Nolan Byrd is usually teased by a big bully. He used to be called Nolan Byrd but now he's just Byrd the nerd or just plain nerd. He changed through the story by ganging up on Bubba the big bully. Another main character is Alvin also known as Bubba Bixby. Bubba is a big bully who keeps on getting sent to the principals office. He also calls people names and steals stuff. He never changed really because he was just plain mean.

I feel good about the resolution because Nolan stopped Bubba from bullying everybody. Something I would change is that Bubba wouldn't be so mean. I think the authors message is that you should always stand up for yourself.

Perloo the Bold

Perloo the Bold
by AVI
This book made me feel very courageous because Perloo runs away from his Montmer home and fights a challenge against them for the Felbarts (the montmer enemy). My connection is that I once read a book named Geronimo Stilton and the Niagara Falls and Geronimo saved a mouslet who was about to drown. I think it is the right book because its very interesting.

Lucabara and Berwig are very large characters right along with Perloo. Lucabara is Perloo's companion and Berwig is Perloo's enemy. Lucabara got more courageous and Berwig got meaner.

I like the resolution of the story because Perloo becomes the new granter. I would change Berwigs temper into a bit nicer temper because he is always in a bad mood. The theme of the story is to always be courageous no matter what happens.

The Million Dollar Kick

The Million Dollar Kick
by Dan Gutman
This book made me feel kind of nervous because if you don't know how to kick a soccer ball 20 yards into a goal when there's a goaly standing in the net becauseif you make it you win a million dollars and so what if you miss? How embarrasing that must be. I have a connection I would like to share with you. One day at a soccer a camp I shot the soccer ball at the top left corner and I made it just like in the book. This book is just right for me because it was the kind of interesting I like.

I've got to choose Jess Kirby because he's really smart and has a lot of electronicle things. He didn't really change that much so he was pretty smart from beggining to end.

I felt good about the resolution because when she shot the ball it went into the goal and it was a happy ending and I like happy endings. I wanted to do it on "The Million Dollar Shot" but I just finished reading this book so I decided to do it on this one instead.If I were aloud to change something I would just change the goaly from girl to boy so that it would be girl on boy. The authors message was that never give ,just keep on trying.
The Whipping Boy
by Sid Fleischman

This story is about a whipping boy named Jemmy and a prince named prince Horace also known as prince Brat. The Brat gets into big trouble. He runs away with Jemmy and gets caught by two outlaws. One named Hold Your Nose Billy and the other one named Cutwater. They think Jemmy is the prince because he is the one who gets more education than the Brat. Jemmy is forced to write a letter to the king and then reads it backwards twice. Soon Jemmy and the Brat run away and get saved by a bear. They find a girl named Betsy. They find a river and a Hot Potato Man. The Potato gives them a ride but not for long Billy and his partner Cutwater find them and say to have them whipped. They get whipped for a while but Betsy and her bear Petunia rescue them
. They go to the fair and find the hot potato again. They see Billy and Cutwater. Then they see Jemmy and the Prince. The kids run into the sewers and find Jemmys old friend Billy and Cutwater follow and go the wrong way. They get eaten up by rats and, Jemmy and Horace live happily ever after.
Geromino Stilton at the Niagara Falls,
by Geromino Stilton

This story makes me feel kind of happy because Geromino has to set up a tent which he doesn't know how to set up. Neither does he know how to set up a camp fire or a bathroom\toilet. I once had to set up a tent all by myself to. This book is just right for me. Because its full with humor.

The three main characters are Geromino,Punk Rat,Miss Angel Paws. The way Geromino changed is that he cared more for Punk Rat. The way Punk Rat changed is that he cared more for Geromino. The way Miss Angel paws changed is that she became happier as the story went on.

The way the story ended was that MissAP married Gentle Mouse. The thing I want to have changed is that Punk Rat is not very mean. There isn't really a message for this book.

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