Geromino Stilton at the Niagara Falls,
by Geromino Stilton

This story makes me feel kind of happy because Geromino has to set up a tent which he doesn't know how to set up. Neither does he know how to set up a camp fire or a bathroom\toilet. I once had to set up a tent all by myself to. This book is just right for me. Because its full with humor.

The three main characters are Geromino,Punk Rat,Miss Angel Paws. The way Geromino changed is that he cared more for Punk Rat. The way Punk Rat changed is that he cared more for Geromino. The way Miss Angel paws changed is that she became happier as the story went on.

The way the story ended was that MissAP married Gentle Mouse. The thing I want to have changed is that Punk Rat is not very mean. There isn't really a message for this book.

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