The Million Dollar Kick

The Million Dollar Kick
by Dan Gutman
This book made me feel kind of nervous because if you don't know how to kick a soccer ball 20 yards into a goal when there's a goaly standing in the net becauseif you make it you win a million dollars and so what if you miss? How embarrasing that must be. I have a connection I would like to share with you. One day at a soccer a camp I shot the soccer ball at the top left corner and I made it just like in the book. This book is just right for me because it was the kind of interesting I like.

I've got to choose Jess Kirby because he's really smart and has a lot of electronicle things. He didn't really change that much so he was pretty smart from beggining to end.

I felt good about the resolution because when she shot the ball it went into the goal and it was a happy ending and I like happy endings. I wanted to do it on "The Million Dollar Shot" but I just finished reading this book so I decided to do it on this one instead.If I were aloud to change something I would just change the goaly from girl to boy so that it would be girl on boy. The authors message was that never give ,just keep on trying.

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  1. I would change it a little bit by adding your connection to the end. You also shouldn't do the repetitive things like when you put, boy/girl. You should also make it more specific. So then the reader can understand more clearly.