Perloo the Bold

Perloo the Bold
by AVI
This book made me feel very courageous because Perloo runs away from his Montmer home and fights a challenge against them for the Felbarts (the montmer enemy). My connection is that I once read a book named Geronimo Stilton and the Niagara Falls and Geronimo saved a mouslet who was about to drown. I think it is the right book because its very interesting.

Lucabara and Berwig are very large characters right along with Perloo. Lucabara is Perloo's companion and Berwig is Perloo's enemy. Lucabara got more courageous and Berwig got meaner.

I like the resolution of the story because Perloo becomes the new granter. I would change Berwigs temper into a bit nicer temper because he is always in a bad mood. The theme of the story is to always be courageous no matter what happens.

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