by Wendelin Van Draanen

This book made me feel like I should always stand up to myself if I were being bullied by a bully. I need to make a connection because once I was being bullied and I stood up for myself. I think that this is just the right book for me because it was my type.

Nolan Byrd is usually teased by a big bully. He used to be called Nolan Byrd but now he's just Byrd the nerd or just plain nerd. He changed through the story by ganging up on Bubba the big bully. Another main character is Alvin also known as Bubba Bixby. Bubba is a big bully who keeps on getting sent to the principals office. He also calls people names and steals stuff. He never changed really because he was just plain mean.

I feel good about the resolution because Nolan stopped Bubba from bullying everybody. Something I would change is that Bubba wouldn't be so mean. I think the authors message is that you should always stand up for yourself.

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  1. I think that the details about the bullying situation helped me understand. But I think that there should be more details about the connection, like how you stood up for yourself. I would also like to know how it helped you understand this book. I would like to know more about the resolution because all it says is that Nolan stopped Bubba from continuing being a bully. What were the consequences?How did people react? What changed about Nolan? Did Nolan change? It basically just put down the general details, not what's deep inside. I would like to know more details about this book.